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Noscope Flappy (also called Noscope Bird) is a flappy-clone released in 2015 for iOS and Android devices by Gordon Vogel. It's basically flappy bird, but with a ton of MLG memes like Shrek, Weed, Mountain Dew, Shia Labeouf and more. The game also had skins, which could be unlocked with "Swagz" (1 Swags = going through the pipe once), buying the $1.99 pro pack or buying the $1.99 Montage Sound Board (which doesn't work anymore because of Apple's new iOS systems).

Noscope Flappy
Montage parody + most popular game ever = loominati confermed!
Developer(s) Gordon Vogel
Publisher(s) Bad Logic Games (Android)
Gordon Vogel (iOS)
Platform(s) iOS
Released April 1st, 2015 (Not joking)
Mode(s) Kid
Additional Info
App Size 39.9 MB
Requires iOS Yes
Requires Android Yes
Content Rating 12+

External Links

  • The game had an official FB and Twitter which can be found here (FB is now deleted).
  • The Android versions can be found here.
  • The iOS versions can be found here.
  • All of Gordon Vogel's apps are now off the Apple Appstore for unknown reasons


  • Very rarely, the game would "Crash" and show a Windows XP restart meme, which would give you some extra points.
  • The game can give you a "Multiplayer" Bot that would race against you until it purposely dies, giving you more points.
  • There are 4 different powerups: Sanic, Illuminati, Mountain Dew, and Weed.
  • There are Kid and Dank modes for all 4 powerups





File Name Description
Smoke weed.mp3 Used when obtaining the "weed" powerup
Spooky.mp3 Used when obtaining the "illuminati" powerup
Sanic.mp3 Used when obtaining the "sanic" powerup
Dew music.mp3 Used when obtaining the "dew vision" powerup