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Jumpy Jack
Developer(s) redBit Games
Publisher(s) redBit Games
Platform(s) iOS and Android
Released February 28, 2014
Mode(s) Single-player
Additional Info
App Size 4.98 MB (Android)

13.5 MB (iOS)

Requires iOS > 5.0
Requires Android > 2.2
Content Rating Low Maturity

Jumpy Jack is a 2014 mobile game developed by the Italian developer redBit games. This game features a boy with a skateboard that is meant to be navigated through as many brick walls as possible. It is available on both the App Store and Play Store. Jumpy Jack is more of a Splashy Fish clone because it also has trophies that can be seen in the character's appearance after it is earned. The game was introduced to the Android on March 5, 2013, although the game was still downloadable on the Play Store a few days before.


This game, which tends to be very fast-paced,  can be played by very quickly holding your finger to the screen in order for the character go up and released for the character to fall down. It takes place in a rural landscape.


Every five points you earn, ending at 50, the player can earn a trophy to make the character look better. This is a list of all the trophies currently in the game:

  • Thunderbolt T-Shirt (5 pts)
  • Red Karate Bandana (10 pts)
  • Heavy Metal T-Shirt (15 pts)
  • Black KungFu Bandana (20 pts)
  • Pro Skater Pants (25 pts)
  • King of Skate Black Shirt (30pts)
  • New Galaxy Skate (35pts)
  • Ninja Suit (40 pts)
  • RedDragon Bandana (45 pts)
  • Ninja Master Belt (50 pts)