Flappy Bird Wiki
Developer(s) Eduardas Klenauskis
Publisher(s) E2applets
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Released February 6, 2014
Mode(s) Single-player
Additional Info
App Size 22.34MB (Android)

104MB (iOS)

Requires iOS > 7.0
Requires Android > 3.0
Content Rating Unknown

Ironpants is a 2014 mobile game developed by Eduardas Klenauskis and published by E2applets. It is widely considered the hardest Flappy Bird-style game in either the App Store or the Play Store due to its huge consideration of gravity. It is very hard to play and supposedly impossible to master.


The aim of the game Ironpants is to fly the masked hero through several piles of boxes in a city landscape. Unlike other Flappy Bird clones, due to the immense gravity included in Ironpants, the player is usually forced to rapidly touch and release the screen of the device they are playing the mobile game on. Just like in Flappy Bird it requires you to be sharp and alert unlike other Flappy Bird Clones.