Floppy Pterodactyl
Floppy Pterodactyl
Developer(s) James Bellian
Publisher(s) Unknown
Platform(s) iOS
Released Unknown
Mode(s) Unknown
Additional Info
App Size 14.5MB
Requires iOS Unknown
Requires Android Unknown
Content Rating 9+

Floppy Pterodactyl is a mobile game developed by James Bellian. The aim of the game to to fly the Pterodactyl or other characters though the brown blocks.


The aim of the game Floppy Pterodactyl is to fly various characters through several brown blocks in a prehistoric landscape by aimlessly clicking.


The player can choose from a variety of modes: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard.


  • Pterodactyl - The default character of the game.
  • Bryce - Bryce is an Giraffe that can be chosen.
  • Whale - Is a optional character that can be chosen. It's appearance is a whale.
  • Pencil - Is a optional character. It takes the form of a pencil.
  • Helicopter - Is a optional character than can be chosen. It takes the form of a Helicopter.
  • PJ - Is a optional character. It takes the form of a poo-like substance.