Flappy The City Flyer

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Flappy The City Flyer

Developer(s) Markku Virtanen
Publisher(s) Markku Virtanen
Platform(s) iOS
Released Unknown
Mode(s) Single-player
Additional Info
App Size 16.9 MB
Requires iOS > 5.0
Requires Android N/A
Content Rating Everyone

Flappy The City Flyer, also known as City Bird - Flappy Flyer, or simply City Bird, is a 2014 mobile game developed by Finnish programmer Markku Virtanen. The game is rendered in cartoony graphics and the goal is to get all of the seeds located throughout the cithxrgthfttfhyhughhtyrydrtgrdtytygt

game takes place in. This is a very large application 16.9 MB, suggesting it is still in its beta stages and is yet to go through several updates. Flappy The City Flyer is only available on the iOS through the App Store.


Flappy The City Flyer starts out when the bird, which can become either yellow, green, or red in color, is sitting on a grey building. All of these birds look different in appearance. The obstacles are different colored city buildings, the goal being to acquire as many seeds as possible, as the bird (called "Flappy") is hungry.


After numerous complaints on advertisements for Flappy The City Flyer prior to its release, developer Markku Virtanen managed to put an option for no ads for Version 1.1 on Febrary 27, 2013. This option still remains premium, costing $0.99.

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