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Flappy Pipe
Developer(s) Waeeba
Publisher(s) Waeeba
Platform(s) Android
Released Unknown
Mode(s) Single-player
Additional Info
App Size 8.8 MB
Requires iOS Unavailable
Requires Android > 2.3.3
Content Rating Everyone

Flappy Pipe is a 2014 mobile game that was developed and published by Waeeba for the Android. It is not considered a Flappy Bird clone, but it was clearly inspired by the original game. Unlike the clones, Flappy Pipe uses the pipe itself as the character, where the object of the game is to allow as many birds in the pipe as possible.


To play the game, you must tap on the screen in order for the green pipe to bounce up, and release the screen for it to go down. Flappy Pipe is only challenging because the pipe "bounces" when elevating, causing the bird to sometimes hit the pipe itself. 


Flappy Pipe doesn't have medals for how much points the player has gotten on their last run, but for one-time achievements. Such trophies range from "Combo 5 Birds" to "Miss 50 Birds." Here is a list of all the trophies in the game:


  • First Bird! - Combo 1 Bird
  • Flappy Pipe Novice - Good! Combo 5 Birds
  • Good! - Combo Ten Birds


  • Flappy Pipe Level 1 - Miss 10 Birds
  • Flappy Pipe Level 2 - Miss 50 Birds
  • Flappy Pipe Level 3 - Miss 100 Birds