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Flappy Golf
Flappy Golf.jpg
Developer(s) Noodlecakes Studios
Publisher(s) Noodlecakes Studios
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Released Unknown
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Additional Info
App Size
Requires iOS > 5.0
Requires Android Unknown
Content Rating Unknown

Flappy Golf is a game that combines the parts of Flappy Bird and the courses of Super Stickman Gold 2 to create Flappy Golf. It involves the player tapping either the 'left flap' or 'right flap' buttons to flap in those directions to reach the hole in the lowest amount of flaps possible. It is a free game.


Each world consists of nine levels.

All Worlds

  • Grassy Land
  • Raspberry land
  • Sticky Land
  • Portal Lab
  • Stony Land
  • Icy Land
  • Stickier Land
  • Magnet Land
  • Greens Land
  • Sandy Land
  • City Land
  • Candy Land
  • Sticky Forest
  • Magnet Grove
  • Portal Dungeon
  • Laser Moonbase
  • Dangerous Dunes
  • Acid Mine
  • Tropics Land
  • Factory Land
  • Low-Poly Land
  • Farm Land
  • Laser Lab
  • Impossible Land
  • Blades Land
  • Acid Land
  • Minty Land
  • Tanks Land
  • Super Meat Land
  • Gears Land
  • Implausible Land


In the game, the player controls a ball, but the you can customize your ball to have different designs and trails.


  • Standard Canary. The Original.
  • Apple. (No Worm).
  • Skull. Spooky.
  • Coin. Makes Cents.
  • Birdie. Chirp Chirp.
  • Basketball. Full Court Flap.
  • Soccer Ball. Or Football If You Prefer.
  • Meat Cube. Meaty!
  • Beach Ball. Surfs Up!
  • Egg. Hard Boiled.
  • Bullet. Take Cover.
  • Cookie. Chocolate Chip.
  • Baseball. Take Me Out To The Ball Game.
  • Toast. Gluten Packed.
  • Helmet. Football.
  • 8 Ball. Signs Point To Yes.
  • Eyeball. Watch Where You're Going!


  • Small Dots Trail. Small Dots.
  • No Trail. Stealthy.
  • Short Thin Trail. A Short Thin Trail.
  • Super Long Trail. A Super Long Trail.
  • The Dashed Trail. A Dashed Trail.
  • The White Streak. Let's Go Streaking!
  • Big Dots. Big Dots.
  • The Zig Zagger. Ziggy!
  • Pink Dots. It's A Girl!
  • Blue Dots. It's A Boy!
  • Frosted Tips. Nice Tips Bro.
  • The Blue Streak. Go Blue!
  • The Teal Streak. Is It Green Or Blue?
  • The Jail Bird. Get Out Of Jail Free!
  • The Orange Streak. Go Orange!
  • The Dark Matter. Strange!
  • The Green Streak. Go Green!
  • The Yellow Streak. Bee Like!
  • The Pink Streak. Girly!
  • The Red Ribbon. A Real Beauty!
  • The Black Ribbon. Black Widow!
  • Bumble Bee. BZZZZZZZZ.
  • Checkers. King Me!
  • Little Wiggler. Wiggle With It!
  • The Zen Trail. Relax!
  • The Worm Trail. Ew!
  • Weiner Trail. Hit The 'Links'.
  • Blue Sparkler. AAAAHHHH!
  • Green Sparkler. OOOOOHH!
  • Orange Sparkler. WHOOOOAAA!
  • The Duster. COUGH
  • The Hot Stink. GROSS!
  • Rainbow Trail. It's Pure Magic!
  • The Black Oil. Slick!
  • The Bubble Trail. Bubbly!


The game has a multiplayer mode as well. Players can playmultiplayer in two different ways:


In local, the players plays against nearby players via Wifi or Bluetooth. The players can:

  • Choose a temporary username.
  • Have up to eight players.


In Online, players can play faraway people via Wifi and using Game Center. The players can:

  • Will use their Game Center users.
  • Have up to four players.


Multiple techniques are used when playing online in order to gain an advantage, but due to the simplistic controls, there aren't many discovered yet. An example of a technique is Paging.