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Flappy Bird:New Season
New Flappy.jpg
Developer(s) "Dong Nguyen"
Publisher(s) "Dot Gear Games"
Platform(s) iOS
Released Unknown
Mode(s) Single-player
Additional Info
App Size
Requires iOS > 5.0
Requires Android Unknown
Content Rating Unknown

This game apparently made by Dong Nguyen is almost the exact same as the original. A differance is that you collect new colors of your bird. The thing is, this is fake. Recently Dong Nguyen said that a new version of Flappy Bird will be in August. Aswell, the creator account is called Dong Nguyen but the only game on it is Flappy Bird:New Season. The real Dong Nguyen has Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block.Now the game flappy bird new season is gone