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Clumsy Bird
Developer(s) Candy Mobile
Publisher(s) Candy Mobile
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Released Unknown
Mode(s) Single-player + Online Play
Additional Info
App Size 2.76 MB
Requires iOS Unknown
Requires Android > 2.0
Content Rating Everyone

Clumsy Bird is a 2014 mobile game developed and published by Candy Mobile, a developer that has also published other popular games such as Escape Action and Zombie Escape. The aim of Clumsy Bird is to not let the bird hit any of the logs while keeping it in the air.

The game received a sudden rise in popularity after the deletion of Flappy Bird, as it was based on the same idea of tapping in order to make the bird fly or bounce in the air. 


Clumsy Bird is a side-scrolling mobile game with 2D graphics. The objective is to direct the bird through as many spaces through logs, avoiding the ground and the logs themselves. If the screen is not tapped, the bird will fall to the ground.

Online Play

There is also an Online Play mode in Clumsy Bird. These players are represented by either of the colors: red, green, blue, or yellow birds. In this game mode, you can participate in a tournament consisting of five rounds of Clumsy Bird. The top two players progress to the next round. The winner of each tournament, which is the basically the 1st place player of the last round, is given a reward which can be permanently worn throughout gameplay once awarded. There is also Leisure Mode, in which you can invite friends to play the mobile game with through Google+ for Android.



Clumsy Bird Android Gameplay From Candy Mobile