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Homer the Editor
• 2/25/2014


Hello, folks!

I am MangoKiwi :)

I am helping lolbro7with the wiki, and I have added some features.

1. Obviously, the forums. I will moderate them, so be careful of what you post!

2. Chat. This is where you can talk to other users! If you see me on there, stop by to say hi!

3. Badges! I will add them when I have all the pics, or I will just add them now. ;3

ALSO- I am going away for 3 days. If you need to talk to me, my email is secretlydiabetic@gmail.com .

Thank you all! :D


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Homer the Editor
• 2/28/2014

Ehm... Nice e-mail?

Also , nice job on the Squishy bird page i opened , it looks more proffesional now

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